Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sport's Massage

Most people when they hear sports massage think super deep intense pressure, and those of us who prefer a lighter touch might shy away. There are actually many different types of sports massages and they all are tailored to your specific needs! With spring cleaning upon us and marathon season in full swing there are lots of extra reasons to make your body a priority. 

This technique gets its name from its use in warming up for a sports event, recovering from one, or working scar tissue and sore muscles to prevent injury. You don’t have be a major athlete to need a sports massage either! Lots of us tweak things just doing stuff around the house or sleeping in a weird position.  

If you are getting ready for a physical feat like running a race, moving, or an intense day of yard work you’ll benefit from techniques that will get the blood flowing to your muscles. This type of massage is usually a bit lighter in stroke and involves stretching and compression and friction to get blood pumping.

After a beating to your muscles, a stronger touch can feel amazing as it loosens tension in your muscles and keeps you nice and loose so that you can recover further by stretching at home. Longer firming strokes with the use of lotion are perfect for working out those knots and keep you feeling nice and loose. 

If you are recovering from an injury, a sports massage is great for making sure you form proper scar tissue and targeting specific pressure points to help you heal faster. Lighter touch massages involve the use of oils for easy gliding and help your masseuse gently work out those knots. 

In addition to all these great techniques your therapist can also recommend at home stretches and techniques to help extend the benefits of your massage. With Father’s Day just around the corner treat the Dad’s in your life to a little TLC!

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For the months of May and June you can add aroma therapy treatment to your massage for $10 instead of the normal $15. This month's aroma therapy treatment consists of: 

Lavender (relaxing):  Helps with stress, anxiety, and certain types of inflammations
Peppermint (soothing): It helps with clarity, cramping muscles, headaches, and congestion
Lemon (energizing): Helps with digestion, lymphatic cleansing, and water purification

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