Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Raindrop Massage

Just like no two raindrops are exactly the same, no two people are the same. With spring upon us and allergens and colds at an all time high, your favorite therapists at Touch to Heal Spa are providing customized Raindrop Massages to cure whatever ails you! The name Raindrop Massage comes from a variety of natural essential oils being dropped along your target areas like little rain drops to work out anything from stress to an allergy attack. We use many different essential oils which have special healing qualities throughout your body. It’s a very relaxing way to use natural organic products to take your standard massage to the next level!

Oils your therapist might use…

●      Oregano: battle viruses and allergens
●      Thyme: anti-viral
●      Basil: relaxes sore muscles
●      Wintergreen/Birch: relieves joint and muscle pain
●      Peppermint: promotes liver and respiratory health
●      Marjoram: anti-septic
●      Cypress: anti-inflammatory
●      Valor: helps align your body and mind

Before your massage your therapist will talk to you about any issues you are experiencing to identify the combination of oils that will work best for you. These issues might be things like, seasonal allergies, colds, weakened immune system…as well as back pain, mild spinal misalignment and much much more. The oils used can kill bacteria, battle allergens, promote organ health, and relieve joint and muscle pain. As a lot of these ailments can get worse over time, this massage is a great way to naturally manage your symptoms and experience both short and long term benefits. You can expect to leave feeling aligned in both body and mind and with a boosted immune system ready to take on your daily life! Namaste!

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